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4 Reasons to Start Planning for your Weight Loss Surgery in January

Dec 29, 2017

If you are considering having bariatric surgery next year, now is the time to start planning, especially if your health insurance company will be involved in the process. The first step is to schedule your first consultation early in the year to get the process started.


Here are a few helpful tips to take into consideration as you make the move to get healthy and lose weight in 2018.


If your insurance company offers bariatric coverage, there may be some hoops that you need to jump through before your surgery will be approved. Some insurance companies only require pre-op lab work or a psychological evaluation, but others require more from the patient before approval for a bariatric procedure will be granted. For example, some insurance companies require patients considering bariatric surgery to first try a 90-day or six-month diet with a doctor or registered dietitian before they will cover bariatric surgery.


While the insurance process may seem cumbersome, it is actually helpful to patients as it prepares patients for the lifestyle and diet changes that will be necessary after surgery. Although the process varies from one patient to the next depending on their health condition and insurance requirements, planning ahead is always beneficial.


Here are four key reasons to start planning for your bariatric surgery in January:

  1. To allow us time to do a full insurance check and get your benefit details for bariatric procedures. Nicholson Clinic insurance specialists will do a full insurance check and find out which procedures your insurance covers and what your procedure might cost you out of pocket.
  2. So we can find out your insurance criteria for bariatric coverage and get the process started so you can make sure that your procedure is approved before the end of the year.

Criteria is what your insurance needs you to do before they will cover your procedure such as testing, lab work or a specialized diet.

  1. So you can take the time to plan your procedure and not feel rushed. Many patients come into our clinics towards the end of the year and are very surprised when they realize that it is too late to get their procedure approved before the end of the year.
  2. So you can make your surgery date work for your schedule. Most of our patients have full-time jobs, children and other responsibilities which prevent them from taking off any given week. If you get the process started early, you will have plenty of time to find out when the most convenient window is for you to have your procedure and reserve your spot on the schedule.

Bariatric surgery is a major stepping stone in our patient’s lives and we want you to stay focused on the changes to come rather than whether or not you can fit your procedure in by the end of the year. Be proactive, give us a call now and let us get you headed in the right direction so you are ready to start your journey in 2018.