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3 Reasons to Consider Bariatric Surgery

Aug 28, 2014

Surgery of any type is serious business that calls for major research before moving forward. If obesity is a lasting concern, however, there are some pretty compelling reasons to consider bariatric surgery to help make the pounds come off faster and stay away long-term.

While it’s best to discuss the pros and cons of different forms of bariatric surgery, such as gastric sleeve procedures and LAP-BAND operations, with your doctor directly, there are some good reasons to move in this direction. While carrying around a few extra pounds probably doesn’t signal a need for weight loss surgery, serious obesity or morbid obesity might.
Here are three reasons why bariatric surgery is sometimes the best option available:

  • When an impossible plateau has been reached – If you have tried other measures to lose weight and keep it off and just haven’t been successful, it might be time to consider weight loss surgery. Different bariatric procedures, such as the gastric bypass, have proven very effective for helping people get over those impossible plateaus while ensuring long-term maintenance of weight loss. Although invasive and sometimes permanent, bariatric surgery may provide the best option for weight loss.
  • When health concerns are high  Obesity is a problem that an estimated one-third of American adults face. This condition can lead to heart disease, some forms of cancer, stroke, diabetes, and more. If there’s a reason to be concerned about long-term health, it might be time to consider surgery.
  • When self-esteem is at a serious low – While self-esteem likely shouldn’t be the only reason to consider bariatric surgery, the fact is improvements in this department are often a side effect of surgery.

If it’s time to consider bariatric surgery, be sure to consult with a skilled physician that can help you review all the options. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a losing battle.