ReLaunch™ Nutrition

ReLaunch NutritionIntroducing ReLaunch™, the only protein supplement and meal replacement developed by one of America’s leading weight loss surgeons, Dr. Nick Nicholson.

Surgery is only part of the weight loss equation. It takes lifestyle change through a healthy diet and consistent exercise. But not every "healthy diet" works. The right supplements are part of that equation. We require our patients to follow a Pre-Op and Post-Op diet that’s high in protein and low in fat and calories. Many patients struggle to find a good high quality source of protein that not only works, but completely dissolves, mixes well, tastes good, and is affordable.

That's why Dr. Nick worked with a team of dieticians, nutritionists and food scientists to develop ReLaunch™ medical grade protein supplement and meal replacement, using a source of protein we can feel good recommending to patients. Interested in learning more? Visit

Quality Counts

ReLaunch™ is made from a high quality whey protein isolate – the purest form of protein on the market. We chose whey protein because:

  • Whey protein is considered a complete protein and contains all nine essential amino acids and is low in lactose content
  • Whey protein is easily digested and well absorbed
  • Whey protein reduces hunger and cravings between meals
  • Whey protein helps people lose body fat while preserving muscles

Made in Texas

It was important to find a supplier with the same values as the Nicholson Clinic. We found a partner who embraces sustainability, dairy stewardship and manufactures locally in Dalhart, Texas. We are excited to support local business and partner with a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award Winner and family farmers who treat their cows humanely.

Takes on Any Flavor You Add


The easiest way to use it is just to mix it with water and add in your favorite flavor. So it’s easy to change the flavor profile and not get bored. You can also put it in your morning coffee, mix it with yogurt, pudding or make a smoothie. It’s also great for cooking – you can add it to pancake batter or low calorie soups, or use in a variety of recipes.

Interested in learning more? Visit
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