Class With Candace

The Nicholson Clinic is devoted to helping our patients succeed every step of the way. That’s why we’ve created online classes to help patients follow the Pre-Op and Post-Op diet requirements that are crucial to success. Below are three videos from Candace Peppers, MA for patients at key stages in their surgery process.

Pre-Op Class with Candace Peppers, MA & Patient Educator
Preparing for surgery? Maximize your weight loss; review a sample pre-op diet menu, learn how to mix unflavored protein and how to best prepare your body for surgery.


Post-Op Class Stage 1, Days 1-21 with Candace Peppers, MA & Patient Educator
What can you eat? Review a sample post-op menu, portion control and ways to incorporate protein and the importance of vitamins and medications.


Post-Op Class Stage 2, Days 22-42 with Candace Peppers, MA & Patient Educator
Review a sample Stage 2 post-op menu, unflavored protein recipes, foods to try and foods to avoid, and general guidelines to follow as you progress and adjust to your new stomach.

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