Transformation Stories

Transformation Story: Mike

Feb 13, 2020

In February 2019, Mike underwent gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long. Since his initial consultation just a few months before surgery, Mike has lost more than 125 pounds. This is his story.

Life Before Surgery

“I was always a big kid. I come from a family of large people with a history of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with high blood pressure and my last doctor visit prior to surgery, I was borderline diabetic and was about to be put on cholesterol medication.”

As is true for many of our patients, Mike had tried dieting for years, only to lose the weight and gain it back. He tried various diets, including Atkins, low-carb, medifast and just counting calories.

“It worked while I was dedicated, and I lost weight, but as soon as I wasn’t 100 percent with it, the weight continued to creep back up and I would always gain more than when I started.”

At just 43-years-old, Mike experienced pain in his legs from everyday activities, and something as simple as drying his hair would leave him out of breath. “It took me forever to get to work just from parking my car because my legs hurt, causing me to walk very slow.”

Turning Point

“I knew I needed to make the decision to change my life. I had done so many diets before, but I needed something that assisted me to stick to a meal plan allowing me to control my portions, so I decided to go to the Nicholson Clinic for the gastric sleeve.”

The Process

Once he had made his mind up and contacted Nicholson Clinic, the process was quick and smooth.

“I filled out a questionnaire online and got a call to have a consultation. I attended the consultation with Dr. Long, was approved by my insurance and then we set the surgery date.”

Because he had done his research ahead of time, Mike knew the benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure. With his family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and his own history of high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and other health conditions that were contributed to his weight, Dr. Long agreed that gastric sleeve would give Mike the best chance at creating change.

Due to his history of dieting, losing and gaining weight, Dr. Long also knew gastric sleeve was the best for for Mike. The gastric sleeve procedure that not only limits food intake by decreasing stomach capacity, but also limits production of the hormone ghrelin, which contributes to hunger.

Mike’s insurance required three visits with a dietitian and a psychological evaluation. Nicholson Clinic helped him receive insurance approval and get scheduled for surgery at Baylor Plano. And the support he received with Nicholson Clinic didn’t stop there.

“Even after surgery everyone has been so helpful and willing to assist in any question, concern and very informative for ongoing changes and success.”

Life After Surgery

“Life is so much better now since surgery. I’m able to live a healthy, active life,” Mike says. I have lost a total or 131 pounds from my heaviest. From this I am no longer pre-diabetic. My glucose is perfect now. My cholesterol has continued to get better and I’m on the lowest dosage for my high blood pressure medication.

I’m so much more confident in myself. I’m much healthier and happier. My end goal was to live a healthy life to have a life of memories with my husband.”