Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: Britney

Jan 26, 2022

Britney had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Nicholson in May 2021. Since surgery, she has lost more than 70 pounds. Britney shared some wisdom with other patients in our private Facebook group. She wrote, “This tool is NOT one size fits all! There are things that work for many of you but not me. The biggest thing that I can recommend is to not beat yourself up if you’ve hit a stall or are not dropping as quickly as others because you are not them! You are you and YOU WILL lose the weight, just be patient and eat your protein, drink your water and learn self love at every stage you’re in.”


This is her story.


Life Before Surgery

“I have been overweight most of my life growing up. I was never taught a good relationship with food. I ate all the wrong things and once out of high school wasn’t very active. The weight continued to creep up on me especially after having two kids. I found myself over 200 pounds when I first investigated having the sleeve surgery. I was miserable, my body hurt all the time and was unable to do simple things with my kids and wife because I was embarrassed of the way I looked and how easily worn out these activities made me. I was so sick of always feeling so bad and knew that this surgery was more than just weight loss, it is a tool that would help me regain my life as well as create new relationships with food. In March of 2021 I decided that for my 32nd birthday I was going to have sleeve surgery and start living life to the fullest.”

The Nicholson Clinic Experience

“Choosing the Nicholson Clinic was the second-best decision I made during this process. I researched several facilities/doctors in the Texas area. When I called the Nicholson Clinic I had a ton of questions, all of which were answered with ease and kindness. From start to finish the staff was beyond amazing and helpful. Any concerns I had were met with understanding and kindness. If you are struggling to decide which doctor is right for you, just set up a consultation with Dr. Nick. He is very professional and makes sure you have a clear understanding of the journey you’re about to be on. He takes the time to give you all the information to select the appropriate procedure.”

Life After Surgery

“I am now eight months into my new life and have lost 74 pounds. I went from a 15/16 to a size four in jeans and from a XXL to a small shirt. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of excitement. I wish I could say I was a brand-new woman, but I am not, I still have days where I struggle with my body image but the knowledge I have gained going through this journey is exactly what I needed to break the bad habits I made with food. With this tool, I’ve created healthier eating habits not only for me but for my family as well. I now have the confidence in exercising and doing the everyday things with my family that I once avoided. I take each day one step at a time and have learned to listen to my body as what works for some doesn’t always work for others. This tool is not one size fits all, we are all different and though our journeys will be similar we must learn what works for us individually to have a successful outcome. Stick to the basics but listen to YOUR body!”