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Drop More Than Just The Weight! At the Nicholson clinic, we don't just help our patients lose weight, we save lives every day by eradicating the long-term health conditions and illnesses caused by obesity. Our patients' stories are truly remarkable and inspirational, certainly to us, and, we hope, to you. 

Watch Michele, Brent, Jennifer and Trina tell their weight loss stories in the video below.

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Transformation Stories: Jennifer

Feb 23, 2022

Jennifer had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Roshek in June 2021. Since surgery, she has lost more than 100 pounds! This is her story.before gastric sleeve surgery
Life Before Surgery
Prior to surgery, I woke up most days with aches and pains and was tired all the time. As a mother of two active boys, we are constantly on the go and self-care wasn't a priority all the time. I have struggled with my weight for several years and tried many different methods to lose but never was very successful. I even had visited with Jordan (Patient Advocate) back in 2015 about my options but wasn't necessarily in the right mindset or financially stable at that time. However, after the past two years of new concerns arising from my annual physical I jumped on the computer and started researching my options, and found myself back on the Nicholson Clinic website. I researched and read many articles about gastric sleeve and gastric bypass and finally took the step and set up a consultation. I felt I was mentally ready for this next step in a better and healthier me!”

The Nicholson Clinic Experience
“The Nicholson Clinic is phenomenal to work with. At my first visit with Dr. Roshek, he never made me feel bad about myself or my weight. He dedicated his time and attention to me at the appointment and we talked through my options, and he made sure I understood fully before the visit was over. After our discussion, I felt gastric sleeve was the best route for me. The staff before and after my visit were very helpful and open with my financial options. I was blessed to have Jordan as my Patient Care Advocate once again and he was always very attentive to my request and was quick to reply when I emailed him. The pre-op and post-op processes were very well put together and if you read the information packet that the clinic gives you, there should never be a question during the process. Days before my surgery I heard from the clinic, Jordan and the surgery center in Garland. I was well prepared for the day of surgery. After surgery the kindness and care of the staff did not deter any, I still receive top-notch service!

after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

Life After Surgery
“Life is AMAZING! I have so much more energy and when I wake up in the mornings my feet don't hurt, or my body no longer aches. My A1C has lowered tremendously, and I am very close to no longer needing to take daily medicine! I am seven months post-op and have lost 101lbs total from the date of my first consult with doctor Roshek. My consult visit was on June 1, 2021, and I had surgery on June 24, 2021. The process can take a toll on you mentally but with my research, care and information provided by the Nicholson Clinic prior to surgery, these things have been a true part of my success. It also helped to have support from family and friends; this helped hold me accountable. My husband was so impressed with my progress and the care and attention from the Nicholson Clinic that he also chose to have gastric sleeve surgery in December 2021! 

Thank you Dr. Roshek and everyone at the Nicholson Clinic for your continued support! My only regret is not having the surgery sooner.”

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  • after gastric sleeve surgery

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