Thank You

Thank you for your interest in Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny.

Written by Dr. Nick Nicholson and B.A. Blackwood, this book is the guide for people who are considering or who have already undergone bariatric surgery.

Read First 2 Chapters 

Chapter 1: Weight Loss Surgery  Punching the Reset Button

Chapter 2: How Did I End Up In This Mess and Why Can’t I Get Out Of It?

What our readers are saying about the book:

"It’s a quick and easy read of 109 pages. The authors don’t sugar coat anything about bariatric surgery, which is how I believe it needs to be. Bariatric surgery is a life changing process; it affects us both physically and mentally, and the authors touch on that. They also talk about the on the fact that overeating and obesity is a lot about coping with emotional issues and not just all hormones and genetics which many of us like to blame our obesity on. This book should be a mandatory read for anyone considering weight loss surgery, they are blunt and to the point and that’s how you need to be with a life changing topic like weight loss surgery." ~ Jessica, Bariatric Beginnings

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