Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny - Book Download

Are YOU or someone you know considering weight loss surgery?

You need to be aware of how it can change your relationship with your spouse, friends, your co-workers, and even perfect strangers.

Weight loss surgery is a lifetime commitment and will change your life - with the potential for a great outcome, but there will be struggles.

Bariatric surgery can help you get ahead of your weight issues. However it's not a one-and-done remedy; it gives you a head start, but lasting weight loss requires maintenance. Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny can help. Written for people who are considering or have already undergone bariatric surgery, this guide offers honest and easy-to-read insights into both its benefits and the obstacles people face afterward. With this book, coauthors Dr. Nick Nicholson and B.A. Blackwood have combined their shared passion for healthy living to create an informative guide that will encourage people suffering from obesity to live a wholly changed life.

"Dr. Nicholson's book is a slim, approachable guide ripe with patient quotes that will strike a cord in anyone dealing with weight loss. It has an incredible focus on the emotional journey that is weight loss - both in surgical and non-surgical patients." ~ Myers R. Hurt III, M.D., UTMB Department of Family Medicine.