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Zohar Wolf

Often times, patients just want to speak with someone who’s been through the process, knows what it’s really like and can answer any questions based on their personal experience. That is why Nicholson Clinic patient, Zohar Wolf, is stepping into the role of Patient Mentor. He will be available to speak with and encourage other patients along their journey to health and weight loss.

Since his surgery a year ago, Zohar has lost 80 pounds. He no longer has diabetes or high blood pressure. He is active, eating healthy and enjoying life! And not only has Zohar been successful himself, he has also helped his significant other through the weight loss surgery process as well.

Zohar and his partner, Stephen Cardenas, are both Nicholson Clinic patients who made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery together. The couple were featured on Good Morning Texas in February 2016, before they had bariatric surgery — Zohar in March 2016, and Stephen in May 2016. Eight months later, in October 2016, Zohar and Stephen joined Good Morning Texas again to share their success. At the time, both men had each lost about 75 pounds. Since then, both patients have also been featured by Johnson & Johnson as part of their bariatric education and marketing efforts. We are excited to have Zohar in this new role. Please reach out to him if you would like the support!

If you would like to connect with another patient who has had success with weight loss surgery, you can connect with Zohar by email at or by phone 972-426-9006. He can also be found in our Nicholson Clinic Facebook Support Group.

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What Patients Are Saying About Zohar:

"Working with Zohar made the journey from the pre-op diet to meals after surgery much easier.  I felt a sense of relief knowing I had someone who understood and could guide me through the rough patches and cheer me on with the victories.  Zohar is very knowledgeable about, not only the surgery, but the lifestyle changes that need to happen in order to make me successful." ~ K.B.
"Zohar has been such a huge support system for me throughout the entire process. I speak with him often and his passion for helping people with anything WLS related is incredible. I know many others feel the same way about his constant support, knowledge and willingness to help. I am the happiest I've been in my entire life and I couldn't have done it without my friend, Zohar." ~ L.C.
"Zohar is very knowledgable and encouraging about the VSG surgery and answered all of my questions, putting my mind at ease and giving me confidence that I was making the right decision. Zohar was also very supportive and checked in with me several times during my pre and post op phases. Zohar is very passionate about helping people and a strong advocate for weight loss surgery and the Nicholson Clinic." ~ J.M.

* Please note that Zohar is acting as a Patient Mentor mainly after hours/on weekends so please be patient and he will respond within 24 hours as his schedule allows. Zohar is not a trained medical professional authorized to give medical advice, rather he is a patient acting in a support role simply as a resource/support role as someone who’s been through the weight loss surgery process with Nicholson Clinic and can share his personal story. If you have a specific medical question or concern, please contact our office to speak with a physician or nurse. If it’s a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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