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Regained weight after bariatric surgery? We can help.

If you are struggling with weight regain or experiencing complications from bariatric surgery you may benefit from revisional surgery.

Causes of weight regain after surgery: There are many reasons patients could regain weight after surgery. Changes in personal life, career, kids, and the stress of day to day life can often take a toll on weight maintenance. First, it’s important to assess lifestyle choices and if you are eating the proper quantity of the recommended foods and getting adequate exercise. We all fall off track now and then and that’s normal. The recommended protocol afterwards depends on if it’s possible to correct the issues with a band adjustment or reset your pouch with diet and exercise alone. If your band is beyond repair or your pouch has stretched too much to continue functioning properly to adequately restrict food intake, it may be time to consider a revision.

The latest technology can improve results. Additionally, with advances in bariatric surgery patients are seeing better results with some newer procedures and techniques versus older ones, such as Lap Band, which has the highest revision rate.

Complications from a prior procedure? In addition to inadequate weight loss or weight regain, a small percentage of patients can experience several complications from a previous procedure. With Lap Band for example, a loosening or slipping of the band over time can cause trouble swallowing, food intolerance, vomiting, abdominal pain and heartburn. You don’t have to live with this pain. It can easily be resolved with revision surgery and not only eliminate the complications, but lead to long term weight loss. 

Revision surgery is affordable and could be covered by insurance.

In many cases, revisional surgery is medically necessary and could be covered by your insurance. We will assign an insurance advocate to you that will negotiate with your insurance company to cover the procedure if possible, and/or ensure any out-of-pocket costs to you are as low as they can possibly be.
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In a band revision, we DO NOT CHARGE for the band removal.

Other bariatric surgeons charge for the band removal, but Nicholson Clinic never charges additional surgeon fees for a band removal when revising to a sleeve or bypass at the same surgical session.* At Nicholson Clinic, you will receive top surgical care and good value.
* Some hospitals may charge an additional fee for the band removal. 
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"You don’t have to live the way you are living. Regain your life!"
Jeremy, lost 305 pounds with a LAP-BAND to Gastric Sleeve revision.

When weight loss surgery doesn’t result in long-term weight loss, or if you are experiencing complications due to a previous bariatric procedure, revisional surgery should be considered. Call 972-494-3100 to schedule a consultation today.

The doctors at the Nicholson Clinic are revisional experts and can answer any question you may have.
Give us a call or schedule a consultation. We want to help you feel your best, lose weight, keep it off good.
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