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I choose me.

Stephanie lost over 100 lbs. in 6 months with weight loss surgery.*

“I had been researching (and talking myself out of) bariatric surgery for about three years. I had visited with other surgeons and clinics but never felt a personal connection with any of them. My first visit to the Nicholson Clinic was very welcoming. Dr. Nicholson was encouraging and explained the entire surgical process to me. I immediately knew that he was the surgeon for me!”
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Stephanie, lost over 100 lbs in 6 months with weight loss surgery. 
What our patients think of our surgeons.

"I will always recommend The Nicholson Clinic. I live in Ada, Oklahoma and drove all the way there to have all of my appointments and the surgery itself. I could have gone somewhere else closer to my hometown but chose not to!"

Savannah, lost 110 lbs with gastric sleeve surgery
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"I am a nurse and so I did as much research as I could to make sure I landed with a good and qualified surgeon! Although, bedside manner wasn’t my top priority, Dr. Nicholson had it all! He sat down and had a one-on-one conversation with me about the risks and benefits, it wasn’t a rushed visit. My surgery was perfect! I had no complications and his "rules" pre- and post- op, set me up for the safest and most productive journey I could have hoped to have! I am 3 months out at 67 lbs. down and feel better than I ever have!! Thank you Dr. Nicholson for giving me my life back!!"

Sherry, Nicholson Clinic weight loss patient
Sherry, weight loss surgery patient

"Dr. Roshek is very personable. Non-judgmental. When you are so overweight for so long, you invent reasons not to do things and always think that someone else is judging you as a person that can't handle themselves. At the Nicholson Clinic, I always felt like everyone there was behind me and willing to help at any point. Best thing about Dr. Roshek is that he always seemed confident in what I was doing, which in turn gave me confidence to be successful."

John, Nicholson Clinic weight loss patient
John, weight loss surgery patient, lost 109 pounds so far
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"I am a respiratory therapist and did some research before choosing a clinic. I found Dr. Brian Long and I could not be happier. He explained my options to me and what he felt would be best for me. I appreciated the fact that some background goes into the decision such as nutrition and consulting to ensure you are in the right state of mind. I am 5 months post op and I'm down 71 pounds. I'm running 3 miles, 4-5 times a week now. I feel fantastic and I love that I treat food with a different mindset. It is for nutrition only not for pleasure. Thank you Dr. Long!!!"

Tracy, weight loss surgery patient
Tracy, weight loss surgery patient

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