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Jennifer lost 115 lbs. and John lost 105 lbs.*

Is life weighing you down? If your weight is affecting your overall health and well-being, you are not alone. Invest in yourself and start living a healthier life.

Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight, and nearly 42% of Americans are considered obese.* Obesity has significant effects on our health. The longer an individual is obese, the more at risk they are of developing weight-related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, even certain types of cancer. It also leads to a diminished quality of life and can even lead to an earlier death/decreased life span.

Studies show individuals with obesity have 42% higher healthcare costs than people of normal weight.** For most patients, obesity-related health problems disappear or greatly improve so patients can go off their medications not to mention less risk of weight-related hospital visits and more medical expenses down the road.

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Jennifer lost 115 lbs. with weight loss sugery

“My husband and I both had sleeve surgery. His insurance covered his surgery and we paid out of pocket for mine. There are pros/cons to both payment options, such as smaller out of pocket for him using insurance but no pre-requisites prior to surgery for me made planning my surgery date easier and I liked having all expenses paid prior to surgery.

Would we do it over again? YES, YES, YES….having the surgery has changed our lives and we have gained so much confidence, self-esteem, and love for each other. With both of us having the surgery we have become closer as a couple, and it is truly the reason we have both been so successful! Regardless of the cost, paying out of pocket is very affordable in my opinion. What you gain post-surgery is so much more than before surgery, and the everyday cost for medicine and the unhappiness with yourself, which can then affect your day-to-day life. My only regret is not having the surgery sooner.”
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Patient Testimonial - Jennifer
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