Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions with Nicholson Clinic

Jan 25, 2023
tips to stick to your new years resolutions

Did you know that each year, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions? Most of us will break our resolutions by the end of January, and only about eight percent of people will actually reach their goal by the end of 2023.

What makes sticking to New Year’s Resolutions so hard? Often, it’s because we fail to make the right resolutions. No matter what your resolution may be, without a plan and support around you, keeping that resolution through the end of the year will be tough. 

But Nicholson Clinic has your back! If your resolution is about getting healthy, here are a few tips to stick to your goals, and how Nicholson Clinic is helping our patients do just that!

  1. Make your goal specific and measurable. Making vague goals is a common mistake people make. Set a specific, measurable goal, such as “I want to lose 50 pounds by August.” Use a calendar, journal, or app to track your progress and evaluate your accomplishments throughout the year. 

  2. Establish a routine and set a schedule. On average, it takes 21 days to create a habit. Planning out a daily routine will help you stay on track and get into the habit of exercising regularly. Take some time to think through your daily schedule and block out time in your daily or weekly calendar to focus on your resolution. Maybe that’s scheduling a workout, spending time meal planning or participating in a support group.  

  3. Focus on one small change at a time. Big goals can be overwhelming, but try breaking your resolution down into smaller goals or changes you can make over time to help you accomplish your one big goal.

  4. Get support. Connecting with others on a similar journey is an excellent way to find accountability and motivation to keep going. 

  5. Visualize the end result. Keep your eyes on the prize and visualize the end result. When you feel discouraged or lack motivation, remind yourself why you made this resolution in the first place. 

  6. Celebrate the milestones. It’s easy to become discouraged at some point on your journey. While your goal for the year may be to lose a certain amount of weight, take time to celebrate the small milestones along the way. Track your weight loss at the end of each week and be proud of your accomplishment in moving toward your goal. 

Nicholson Clinic Patient Support
At Nicholson Clinic, we are committed to walking our patients through their entire health journey, from the pre-op stage to post-op and for life. Here are a few of the support options available at no charge to all of our patients.

Pre-op and post-op nutrition classes. Before having surgery, patients must follow a strict pre-op diet. We outline this plan in detail for our patients, and provide support through nutrition classes with our partners at Baylor Scott & White. After surgery, patients are able to participate in continued post-op nutrition classes to help them reach and maintain their goals.

Psychological support. We recognize that weight loss isn’t just a physical battle, it is also mental and emotional. We provide unique support to our patients through virtual support groups with our staff, along with specialists from Baylor’s bariatric support team.

Patient-to-patient support. Because we believe in the strength of a wellness community, we have created a private Facebook group just for our patients. This thriving group with over 2,000 members is a resource for patients when they have questions and a place for Nicholson Clinic patients to cheer each other on and celebrate wins, both big and small!
If you are a current Nicholson Clinic patient, click here to join our group!

Fitness support. Keeping up with routine exercise can be challenging when left on your own. Nicholson Clinic is your partner on your journey toward physical fitness and good health. We offer programs specifically designed for post-bariatric surgery patients. These include connecting patients with certified trainers, as well as a patient-led fitness challenge with Nicholson Clinic Patient Fitness Ambassadors.

Are you struggling to stick to your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Reach out to Nicholson Clinic to learn more about how we can help you get your life back by reaching your health goals! Call 972-494-3100 today to schedule an appointment.

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