New Study Shows Added Benefits to Weight Loss Surgery

by Nicholson Clinic | Oct 14, 2019
A new study performed by the Cleveland Clinic showcases that bariatric surgery may have extra benefits that make the procedures even more beneficial.

The health benefits of losing weight has always been well established. Bariatric surgeries have assisted patients in losing weight and addressing Type 2 diabetes for many years. However, a new study performed by the Cleveland Clinic showcases that bariatric surgery may have extra benefits that make the procedures even more beneficial. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study observed 2,287 surgery patients and matched them with 11,435 patients with similar characteristics who did not receive surgery.

Dr. Nick Nicholson, the founder of a leading bariatric center in Texas, hailed the news:

“The study by the Cleveland Clinic added more evidence to support what we’ve always believed - that bariatric surgery is an immensely beneficial and potentially life-saving option for the millions of Americans who suffer from the negative effects of obesity and/or diabetes. We’ve always strongly felt that weight loss surgery can be impactful in such a positive way. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t perform these procedures, but it’s always gratifying to see the science continue to back us up."

The study discovered that the patients who received metabolic surgery were 40 percent less likely to suffer severe or deadly cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, stroke and other forms of cardiovascular disease, than those who received regular medical care. The surgeries included in the study were a gastric bypass, duodenal switch, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap bands. In general, patients who received these surgeries were 41 percent less likely to die over the eight-year study.

While the major news of the study involved the extra benefits, the study also underlined the weight loss benefits of the procedure. Surgical patients experienced 15% more weight loss and lower levels of blood sugar, requiring less medication, including insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

"The Cleveland Clinic study is just one of many that continue to showcase the positive weight loss impact that surgery can have on the life of the patient, and we’re proud to provide top-notch weight loss surgery in Texas,” added Dr. Nicholson, whose award-winning clinic performs every major type of weight loss surgery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To find out more, visit the Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery online.

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