Life After Surgery

Weight loss surgery is only the first step in a whole new life that can be filled with good health and wonderful experiences. Life after surgery is best described as a time of transformation – a time when you have the opportunity to learn about yourself on a whole new level and explore a new way of living. Anything is possible.

This is the time when we, as a practice, remain just as committed to our patients as we were before and during their surgery. Weight loss surgery puts the tools in your hands to change your life; we want to be sure you know how to use those tools and, to that end, we offer comprehensive support following surgery.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

If there is a commitment to diet and exercise, the majority of our patients see a 50% to 80% loss of excess body weight during the first 18 to 24 months following surgery. This is dramatic and physically transformative weight loss that can completely change the way that people live their day-to-day life. This loss of weight means greater mobility and the ability to do simple activities that may have been previously impossible – from driving and shopping to playing with your children.

This greater mobility frees patients to embrace a more active lifestyle; and, of course, a more active lifestyle results in greater weight loss.

With You All the Way

At Nicholson Clinic, we understand that weight loss surgery is both a physical and an emotional journey; and the care that we provide throughout the journey with our patients speaks to both. Providing education prior to the surgery is essential, as is providing support through the surgery itself. Just as important is follow-up and post-surgery support. In fact, we believe this is absolutely essential for long-term success.

To this end, the Nicholson Clinic offers comprehensive after-care to provide support for the unique needs of our patients. We have an interdisciplinary team of weight loss professionals who bring their knowledge of their unique specialties to the table to provide the most comprehensive support to our patients. The four primary areas in which we provide post-surgery support for our patients are:

Recovery - To lead you through the weeks and months following your weight loss surgery and what you can expect from your changing body.

Nutrition - To help you master new ways of eating to fuel your body and reach optimal levels of health.

Fitness - To show you how to get your body moving so that you can embrace a new active lifestyle and optimize your chances for success.

Support - To remind you that you are not alone in this journey and to connect you with others who understand your journey in a way that others are not able to.

Click here to learn more about the inspirational journeys our patients have taken. If you’re ready to explore what weight loss surgery can mean in your life, contact us today for more information. We want to be a part of your weight loss success story!